Secure. Distributed. Face Recognition. is a distributed face recognition project of MCC at TU Berlin. The goal is to create a face recognition system that leverages edge computing to enable a surveillance system that doesn't violate people's privacies.

We decided to create our solution using only serverless cloud technologies such as Lambda, DynamoDB and IoT Core on Amazon Web Services, Auth0 as an authentication and authorization service and Travis CI for continuous integration.

The project team (left to right):

Jun-Zhe Lai - Lead Diversity Manager
Florian Muchow - Model Whisperer
Patrick Willmann - Principal Frontend Solution Architect
Tobias Pfandzelter - DevOps & Creative Vision
Calvin Schmidt - Lead Authorizer
Florian Stanek - Team Lead and Pi Baker

We'd like to thank Jonathan Hasenburg, Martin Grambow and David Bermbach for being our project supervisors, Jeff Bezos for providing us with the necessary cloud infrastructure and Benedikt Pascher for finding that one bug once.

Find the code on GitHub soon™.

Coded with ❤️ at Technische Universität Berlin